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Ballot Title (Approved by the KC Prosecuting Attorney)

Shall a Citizen Councilor Network be established in King County
for citizens to meet, discuss public issues, and provide opinions?

Ballot Measure Summary
This measure would establish a network of citizen councilors to engage in dialogue on topics of public importance. Topics would be periodically identified by the King County Auditor based on special questionnaires sent to citizens who choose to participate, plus suggestions from public officials . The program would be coordinated through the county audior's office, would encourage citizen volunteers to meet in small groups, and develop opinions. Opinions would be tabulated with funding provided by donations.

This bill constructively addresses the implications of the passage of Initiative 695 in 2000 and defeat of Referendums 51 and 53 in 2002 and has no fiscal impact. This is a self-funded citizenship program, to better enable all citizens, young and old, to exercise their constitutional rights of freedom of speech, the press, assembly, petition, and to be heard in symbolic dialogues with the King County Executive, Auditor, and others.

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